Developer Meetings/20131008 – SlicerWiki

Update the slicer user documentation pages by RSNA. Describe up-to-date workflows in the examples. Make sure all the features are described. Make sure authors, institutions, and grants are properly acknowledged. The following is an incomplete list: N4ITK Bias Field Correction (Andrey Fedorov) (svn tags updated in 4.3 and Nightly, don't recall how updates are propagated to the wiki page content) 7 Nov 2013 Intensity Difference Metric (Andrey Fedorov) -- Not applicable -- this is a CLI that should be used only by ChangeTracker extension, not by the user, also ChangeTracker and this CLI are not in Slicer core 7 Nov 2013 my customizations from last time should be remembered. Right now, the save module forgets that I selected .mrb for my last save. I need to tell it again. create a preset w/l+LUT in the volume module (scaled from 0 to 1), and corresponding transfer function for FA maps in the volume rendering module (bug #1857) Source.

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