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Hi Any one cold give suport to freehand is a common program in my city. I see about two people. They also do this on LGM 'Document Liberation Project: One year after' I think our visio import for symbols is using it. They say freehand suport is incomplete, but looks like now is better than no one. Im not familiar whith that part of inkscape and think my work could be better inverted in other places like do nothing ,) Regards, J. El sáb, 02-05-2015 a las 14:23 +0000, noreply <,at>, escribió: >, ------------------------------------------------------------ >, revno: 14093 >, committer: ~suv <,suv-sf <,at>,>, >, branch nick: inkscape >, timestamp: Sat 2015-05-02 16:23:11 +0200 >, message: >, cmake: add support for librevenge-based input formats (WPG, Visio, CDR) >, added: >, CMakeScripts/Modules/FindLibCDR.cmake >, CMakeScripts/Modules/FindLibRevenge.cmake >, CMakeScripts/Modules/FindLibVisio.cmake >, modified: >, CMakeLists.txt >, CMakeScripts/DefineDependsandFlags.cmake >, CMakeScripts/Modules/FindLibWPG.cmake Source.

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