There has never been a more comprehensive, powerful, all-in-one data conversion software solution that provides an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface for digitizing, georeferencing, coordinate reprojection, tiling, and creating image mosaics. Didger solves the problem of combining data files in different file formats and in different coordinate systems, by providing extensive tools to transform your GIS data into one cohesive coordinate system. There are three ways you can digitise information from your source documents or files. You can digitise hard copy documents using any WinTab32 compatible digitising tablet. You can digitise digital information, such as vector or raster files, onscreen. You can also use your GPS unit to digitise your position or trace your route directly onto a map imported into a vector project. Converting data from one coordinate system to another is one of Didger's advanced features. Didger supports over 20 projections and over 200 datums. Easily calibrate or import your files using one of these projections and convert your coordinates between them. For example, with a few simple steps Didger can transform your Lat/Long point data into Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates to be used by other mapping applications. In addition to projection and datum transformations, Didger can also convert coordinates of vector projects by utilising either a math or georeference operation. Converting coordinates by applying a simple math operation allows the user to specify a value to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to the current vector project. Advanced georeferencing conversion is also available. By specifying the source and destination coordinates of the vector project, Didger’s georeferencing methods allow the user to convert the current project to the new destination coordinate system. Many sophisticated import and export filters come with Didger, simplifying the transfer of your data and images to and from your other applications. Vector import formats: EMF, GSI, GSB, BNA, DLG, LGO, LGS, DXF, PLT, BLN, CLP, WMF, SHP, MIF, DDF, E00. Export formats: LAS, EMF, GSI, GSB, DAT, DXF, SHP, BLN, BNA, GIF, BMP, WMF, CGM, MIF, CLP, TIF, TGA, PCX, WPG, PNG, JPG, PCT, DCX. Digitise any map, graph, aerial photo, site map, or printed image regardless of size using any Wintab32 compatible tablet. Thin and smooth objects by selecting point selection removal, deviation distance, vertex averaging, or spline smoothing options. Import any vector file and retain or apply up to 23 map projections. Projections supported are: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), State Plane 1927, State Plane 1983, Albers Equal Area Conic, Azimuthal Equidistant, Eckert IV and VI, Equidistant Conic, Equidistant Cylindrical, Gauss-Kruger/Gauss-Conformal, Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area, Lambert Conformal Conic, Mercator, Miller Cylindrical, Molleweide, Orthographic, Polyconic, Robinson, Robinson-Sterling, Sinusoidal, Stereographic, Transverse Mercator, and Unprojected Lat./Long. Import a georeferenced bitmap into a vector project and overlay it with other data or vector files, or tile it with other georeferenced bitmaps. Specify map datum parameters and perform datum transformations using the following methods: Molodensky, Bursa-Wolfe, DMA Multiple Regression Equations (RME), and user defined. Use Didger data with Surfer®, Grapher™, MapViewer™, or any other mapping, graphing, or database application. Use any units (feet, angstroms, miles, meters, kilometers, etc.) with any combination of linear or logarithmic axes. Determine allowable error for your project and work within acceptable standards based on statistical calibration analyses. Define tolerance settings controlling the chaining and sensitivity of polyline and polygon creation. Get immediate help for all aspects of Didger, including useful digitising examples, from the extensive online help system. Use the highly accurate and simple-to-use Tablet Calibration Wizard using between 3 and 256 calibration points. Enjoy over 440 Megabytes of Digital Line Graphs and Digital Raster Graphs for the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain, and Yellowstone National Parks included on the CD. Enjoy over 80 Megabytes of boundary files, including boundaries for US 3- and 5-digit ZIP codes, US states, US counties, US State Plane delineations, US city point locations, and world countries. Source.

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