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Before you use digimap, you need to register first. Please follow the instructions below on how to register. Unfortunately, the OS Mastermap is only available in the GML format. You can convert GML files to either AutoCAD (.dwg) or GIS (.shp) files using the InterpOSe software. InterpOSe is available from CiCS and should be installed on all student computers in the landscape department. You can also download the software for your own computer here: http://www.dottedeyes.com/spatial_data_loading/interpose/digimap.php After importing it into ArcMap, please play around with the layers etc. For example, you might turn of all layers except “Topo_Area” which contains the land cover information we are most interested in. The other layers are mainly for labelling or they contain point heights. There are now various ways to keep up to date with Digimap: EDINA Digimap Blog (http://edinadigimap.blogspot.com/) Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/EDINADigimap) Twitter (http://twitter.com/edina_digimap) There is also a YouTube Channel for short videos on help with Digimap at http://www.youtube.com/user/EDINADigimap Source.

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