Digital’s digest – This new post series gives you a weekly overview about new exciting geo-, project- and gis-links. We should write about a special link? Please submit it in the comments. Driven of the high usability of webmaps for companies and projects, many background-styles are available online. The existing styles can be easily implemented in your own project-map. Depending on the thematic map approach it’s appropriate to use a topographic, minimal-graphic or thematic reduced map-style to get the best basemap as groundlayer for your overlaid vector-data. The webapp “Map Compare” made by Wolfram Schneider makes it easy to compare available basemaps and cartographic styles and is one of my favorite “smart tools” for digital mapping projects. Mapshaper by mbloch is one of my favourite “swiss army knife”-tools if you need fast data reduction and topology first aid in polygon data handling. There a two versions of mapshaper. The first is a hosted webservice:, where you can easily upload .shp-, GeoJson- or TopoJson-Files via drag&drop or folder selection. Afterwards you have to chose your simplification method (Douglas-Peucker, Visvalingam or modified Visvalingam) and some other options like “repair intersections”, “auto snap” and “prevent shape removal” and you’re ready to go. is a fascinating website. It’s not new, but I just came across it few days ago by a recommendation of @callanbentley. It appears very simple, very clever and very beautiful. The site allows you to find peaks (mountains and hills) in your surroundings or wherever you want. Basically, it draws a simple line sketch of the horizon as you see it from your current position and names all the peaks in your sight. I could spend hours on this. The website’s layout is amazing. It’s calm, pure and perfectly organized. Some options include searching for peaks from a database and… “Big data is coming!” Everyday you can read this in current blogs and magazines. Geotagging is one of the special-interest issues of digital-geography and so I want to combine this two fields and introduce you to CLAVIN, the context-based geotagging service of Berico Technologies. The name of this open source project is a summarize of the main functionality “Cartographic Location And Vicinity Indexer” of documents. What has been a disc before, where seamen teetered on the brink of the abyss, you will now find two dimensional world maps, putting the observer in the central point. World maps like this have been developed within the last 1.5 years in the University of Applied Science in Berne. By using the publicly available software – – unconventional world maps can be generated through various applications (Da Vinci, Tourist, Journalist). I just found a nice web interface for converting Shapefiles to geoJSON, the preferred format of vector geodata on the web. And yes, you can also convert back from geoJSON to ESRI Shapefile. As Daniel already wrote: There is an awesome tool available online. With you will be able to add, edit and remove spatial data used maybe in webmapping application online without using a GIS system anymore. Now I made a little video about the usage. The “Viewpoints” project explores the aesthetic question whether there is a parameter-based method for generating unconventional maps of the world that do justice to the thematic context in which they appear. For this purpose a project-specific software is developed. So far, map production by means of projection has been governed by certain rules that determine the geographical area depicted at the centre of the map. With conventional world maps, the horizontal centre is usually made up by the equator. The project software enables the generation and design of wholly new and unconventional varieties of world maps in simple and structured… The german geodetic research institute provides a visualizer to retrace the distribution and movement of our continental and oceanic plates. The tool represents the plates models: NUVEL-1, NNR-NUVEL-1, NUVEL-1A, NNR-NUVEL-1A, PB2002 and APKIM 2005. Subscribe to our Newsletter and don't miss a post! Tragen Sie sich in unserem Newsletter ein und verpassen Sie keinen Artikel Source.

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