Digital Mapping with ArcGIS and Autocad Map 3D Course – Online Training

, know about their potentialities and migrate data from one another, allowing students select the most adequate software for each situation. ArcGIS Desktop will train students in ArcGIS Desktop 10 focusing on the use and management of vector data models, their relation with data bases and in creating mapping. – AutoCAD Map 3D will train students in AutoCAD Map 3D, facilitating their introduction to AutoCAD, from first steps to the creation and editing of objects, the use of geospatial tools and the generation of maps. where they will find the course contents, exercises, discussion forums and additional content. In this plaftorm, students are provided with (2 hours per week) whom they can contact via direct messages to solve doubts at any moment. They can also contact the instructor via email. Geographic information: vector data models, raster data models and other data models (CAD, TIN, etc.). Main features of each data module, advantages and disadvantages. - Exporting and importing spatial information files from different formats (CAD, DGN, Shp, ASCII, etc.). Create layers from CAD files. The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is growing rapidly and it is becoming an essential tool in a variety of sectors (engineering, environment, geography and mining), including new sciences like geomarketing. Among GIS tools, ArcGIs is proclaimed as the program par excellence due to its stability, versatility and expansion, being the most used GIS software around the world. AutoCAD Map 3D is a program that includes all AutoCAD classic functions as well as those from GIS, allowing the use of Shape files, loading WMS, raster, etc. Therefore, studying this version of the program, you will learn to use AutoCAD classic and get familiarised with the management of GIS data to combine it with your CAD projects. Esri (creators of the ArcGIS program) provides a free licence for a 2 month trail. You only need to create an account, download the program and follow the installation steps (visit their to enrol in the course: dates, schedule, software needed for the course and the installation guide. The payment methods are included in this document. To enjoy this discount, you must include a copy of a document that proves your situation along with the registration form Leave a message and we will come back to you shortly. Please provide as many details as possible along with your contact information. Source.

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