Digital Maps- US-CANADA-MEXICO (Vector PDF) – Download

Digital Maps- US-Canada-Mexico (Vector PDF) is PDF file which is meant for use as a customizable map of the Us, Canada, and Mexico. This file is designed with vectors, which allow better detail at any level of magnification. With this file, users are given the latitude and longitude of all three countries (including Alaska and Hawaii), US states text, oceans, lakes, seas, US state borders, color fills, and cities ranging from population of 500 all the way to populations of five million and up. Digital Maps- US-Canada-Mexico (Vector PDF) can be used with a variety of software such as Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Microsoft word. This map file is completely editable in Illustrator ten or higher, allowing for total custom control. Digital Maps- US-Canada-Mexico (Vector PDF) also includes Canada, Mexico, and surrounding countries' major cities and Canadian and Mexican borders of states and provinces. In this era where every waking moment of your life seems to be captured on a digital camera, it’s a... See more Best known for their Web app graphics suite, Aviary released a Windows 8 version of their popular... See more Source.

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