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Canadians pay GST extra / no PST. USA customers no taxes are added, but are responsible for brokerage fees or duties (if applicable) (TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, BMP, PDF) in high resolution, and ready to print. They are up-to-date and will easily go into your next publication, saving you time, money, and the head ache to custom make them from scratch. They are at the utmost quality. So whether you need a certain map for a Your custom map purchase would include or exclude the Copyright, depending on your needs, or might be Copyright hassle free in some cases, again all depending on your requirements and the map you're looking for. Digital Projections has a large library of these types of maps, but only few are mentioned below. We also offer Custom Map Cartography, see map: Streets as double lines, buildings and bldg names, # of floors, Plus 15s, parking, traffic direction flow, LRT, etc. Very popular map with Real Estate companies publications Maps are custom edited to your specifications, either from scratch or based on an existing map like ones above. Check out: . For any pricing inquires or questions on any of the maps we've done already, or able to custom make, please contact us. Source.

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