. DIPLOMACY MAPS . ONLINE RESOURCES FREQUENTLY ACCESSED RESOURCES: SECTION PAGES FAQ lists Diplomacy Maps Diplomacy Variants Mapping Software Strategy Articles General Resources Player Reference Sources Judge PBEM Resources Diplomacy Player Communities Diplomacy Zines on the Web Diplomacy Hobby Organizations Non-English Diplomacy Pages Other Diplomacy Pages Quick Reference Page (All resources on one page) Maps that are listed in bold are maps that can be viewed directly through a graphical browser. If you haven't already read them, see the notes at the end of this page regarding the file types of the various map files listed. Please send updates to Eric Goodman (eric@diplom.org). Don't forget to take a look at The Diplomatic Pouch variants page, which has links to over 170 variants, many of which are not listed below because they do not have separate maps. To add items to any page of the Online Resources section, please email the editor at rickl@diplom.org. Source.

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