This spatial data layer consists of polygon features representing natural and anthropogenic disturbances to vegetation as identified on Landsat change detection imagery with a cell resolution of 30 meters. These disturbances include burns, commercial forestry harvesting (cuts), weather events, infrastructure and pest/disease. Additional Geographic Extent Information: The Provincial Satellite Derived Disturbance Mapping is currently restricted to Ontario's Far North Planning area. Additional Time Period Information: 1960 to 2010. The start date within the specified range reflects the earliest date of disturbance events within the data set as delineated from Landsat image classification and supported by contextual information. The end date within the specified range reflects the latest date of Landsat satellite imagery used in the classification. The actual date of imagery used in mapping disturbances is dependent upon the availability of Landsat imagery for any given area within the province of Ontario. A spatial data layer is provided along with the disturbance feature layer that identifies the vintage of the mapping in any given area. Additional Metadata Location: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Science and Information Branch, Inventory, Monitoring and Assessment The aim of creating a provincial disturbance map is to provide a consistent spatial inventory of natural and anthropogenic disturbances to meet regional and landscape level analysis needs (1:50,000 - 1:100,000). Disturbances to vegetation are constantly occurring, and the classification of medium resolution satellite Source.

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