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One very important concern, and after finding out that google’s geo chart does not support css or html with the tooltip. ( wasted money on the “other” map plugin for wordpress ) Does this plugin support css changes with the tooltip, specifically: Hi everyone, please help me! Yatek made ’’USA Counties – detailed map of each state’’ example on his site http://mapsvg.buyhunters.ru . How can he make this? I try everything, please anyone who had this plug-in says this two map settings to me. Thanks. Hello, i tried to find Peru map but is not there? in your description i saw PEru but in the demo not, can you please let me know? thanks! Hi, I have a presale question. Do you have a way to bulk upload markers through say, a CSV upload? I have hundreds of pins I’d like to display on a world map, and it would be too time consuming to do them individually. I’ll be updating the pins from time to time as well, so it would be good if I upload a new csv, it would update what’s already there? Thanks! Hi, do you think it’s possible to use some fancy box or prettybox script to display a different youtube video for each region ? Is it possible to add titles on each state and county instead of only achieving that by hovering over the location with a mouse pointer. Hello, I’ve recently purchased the plugin and set it up for a site I’m working on. It’s great and very easy to setup and handles exactly what I was hoping it would. However, I’ve found two minor issues. One has been mentioned before, where the disabled color that I assign in the colors control panel does not appear when a region is disabled. The other thing I have noticed, is when I hove over a region, it changes color as expected. The issue occurs when I hover over the text for the region, the region itself changes back to the original color and the text changes color instead…not just for the region I am hovering over, but for all regions.It doesn’t occur unless you hover right over the letters, but it is a slightly odd effect. I’m mostly concerned about the first issue as I have to go in and manually assign a color to each disabled region which is somewhat tedious. Do you know when an update will be available for this? —For the first issue, it appears that it is in the javascript. Right after the general disabled color is assigned, this line of code sets the base color… if(_item.default_attr[“fill”]&&_item.default_attr[“fill”]!=”none”&&_data.options.colors.base)_item.default_attr[“fill”]=_data.options.colors.base, However, it does not check to see if the item is disabled before setting the base color. Adding &&!_item.disabled inside the parens seems to remedy the issue. - As for the second item I mentioned, checking “disabled” on the labels item in the regions control panel tab seems to have resolved that. Again, great plugin. Thanks! Great plugin up until it stopped working on a recent WP update. Have emailed twice for support and had no response. From what I understood from the demo when you click on a region of the .svg it opens window. Is there a limit to the window? I’ need to show list of providers avaliable for that region. When I view a map on a mobile device, it is very difficult to use the native “zooming” hand gesture (i.e. pinching on an iPhone screen) to zoom into the map. Any time a user begins to tap the screen, they inevitable trigger one of the popup boxes. Does MapSVG not distinguish between long presses and actual clicks? On any other web button, you can zoom in on the device screen, even if your finger is touching the web button. It won’t activate the button if you are using a “long press” to zoom. The map isn’t working on a website…. second request….sent you an email to your themeforest profile. www.ninabroze.com/stockists The plugin author is non responsive for the past week… tried to email him through envato as well several times. Another hit and run seller? This plugin does not work at all on my site. I fill out all of the map information, click “save” but it does not save the map. It seems that the plugin dose not support WordPress 3.6.1 Although it was installed successfully but the settings interface is not working to add map or modify, it keeps reloading with no edits (only first tab opens, where the others are inactive & you cant save…) Please advise The Canada Map includes New Brunswick, however, the US/Canada Map is missing that province. Can this be added in? Unfortunately, I do not have Corel Draw and cannot get Inkscape to install in order to do it myself. Source.

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