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DNRGPS allows you to download and save shapefiles in your desired projection by setting the projection beforehand in the File->,Set Projection menu. I think the default is no projection (which is WGS84 geographic, the one that your shapefile was saved in). You will only need set the projection once to your desired projection, unless you work with multiple datums/projections. There are many different projections and datums, but the one that you should go with depends on where you are and who uses the data. You may want to ask your GIS administrator or local guru, if you have one. If not, my advice is whatever datum/projection you commonly work with, try and stick with it. That means in your map document, your aerial imagery and vector data should have the same projection. You can change your datum/projection of imagery and vector data in ArcGIS, but its far easier to download GPS data in the projection you use most often to avoid the need for it to transform 'on the fly' and have to deal with that pesky error message. If you only use that aerial imagery as a basemap in ArcGIS, go to File->,Set Projection in DNR GPS, set your projection to NAD1983 State Plane North FIPS3200 (you'll probably have to do some scrolling and looking around for it) and re-download your GPS data, then add that shapefile to your map, then the image. Russell Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 10:22:12 -0600 From: Subject: Re: [Dnrgps-users] Dnrgps-users Digest, Vol 6, Issue 8 coordinate systems GregI think that arcmap does not know which coordinate the shapefiles are, since it knows it should be able to overlay! My suggestion is that:1- Be sure that ArcMap knows which coordinate systems is each of the shapefiles. 2- If not: informe it which is the coord. system (define projection).3- If yes: ok, choose the coordinate system you want work with on this project. For doing this,think if you will add other layers. 4- Add to the arcmap first the file that has the projection that you choose to work with. This is the one that will determine the 'layers' coordinate systems. Greg sorry if I can't be clearer, I'm foreign student.but feel free to ask more details.by this channel or even by my e-mail: When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific than 'Re: Contents of Dnrgps-users digest...' Today's Topics: 1. 62s (Greg Ward) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Message: 1 Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 12:10:08 -0400 From: Greg Ward <, >, Content-Type: text/plain, charset='iso-8859-1' I downloaded the new DNRGPS and downloaded the waypoints from my 62s into a separate shapefile. Then, I was able to import into my ArcMap (9.2) as a shapefile successfully. However, I got a transformation error when I added my aerial photo (sid version). The photo is NAD1983 State Plane North FIPS3200 and 62s waypoints is GCS-WGS-1984. Which one would I need to change and how? Thanks, Greg -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <, End of Dnrgps-users Digest, Vol 6, Issue 8 ****************************************** _______________________________________________ Dnrgps-users mailing list Source.

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