Dr. Missy’s Graphics Tutorials – Fireworks – Paths and Objects

Unlike other graphic programs that you've probably used for creating Web images, such as Photoshop, Fireworks does not color pixels (bitmap). Rather, like FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator, it's a Vector based program. Open Fireworks and practice the steps outlined in the tutorial. Anchor points define a path at points where the path changes. Segments are the paths that connect anchor points. Control handles extend from anchor points. Their length and direction controls the shape of curves of segments. To create a Corner curve, create an anchor point with control handles, do not release the mouse button. Hold the Option/Alt key and then drag to pivot the second handle. Release the mouse. Points can be added and deleted to a path with the Subselection tool Click with the mouse to add use the Delete/Backspace key to delete. Using the Pointer Tool position the arrow over an object and click. A highlighted color appears along the path indicating that the object has been selected. Because Fireworks creates paths with anchor points you can use the Subselection Tool to select those points and to change the shape of objects. The Select Behind Tool allows you to select through other objects to one at the back. This is important because transparency is used in creating Fireworks graphics Scale Attributes extends and scaling to the size of the stroke, pattern fill, gradient fill, or effect applied to the object. Auto Crop Images automatically shrinks the bounding box of an image to fit the new area of a transformed image Source.

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