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I would like to remove the orthoimage layer from a USGS Topo GeoPDF map. I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, but can't find a way to delete a layer. I've tried setting the layer to 'Never export' then exporting the pdf, but the image is still there (and in the process I have somehow deleted the geo-referencing info). Deleting Layers in PDF files should be straightforward, unfortunately not. The user has to create another file to do this with the layer in question. But some PDF's are locked down. This workaround breaks the security down. Windows (not tried on a Mac) 'If you try to use Adobe's PDF printer driver, it will detect that you are attempting to export a secured PDF to a fresh file and it will refuse to continue. Even third-party PDF print drivers tend to choke on such files. However, by using the XPS Document Writer, you effectively circumvent that check entirely' http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/windows-and-office/how-do-i-circumvent-pdf-editing-security/ The unwanted layers always reappear after flattening / merging / saving As, even when you hide them. 8) Now, you want to 'merge away' the unwanted layers, which are now empty. In the Layers pane, Click the 'Options' pull-down and select 'Merge Layers...'. 11) In the right-hand pane (target layer), select the first layer that you want to KEEP. This will basically merge that layer with all the empty ones, and in effect, delete the empty layers. 12) Hit OK, and you're done. When you save the file, the layers you want to preserve are preserved, and the file size is smaller, reflecting the 'deleted' layers. The gdal_translate utility allows you to exclude layers from the output file but the layers copied to the new geopdf file seem to be combined into one image. If there are options that will avoid that and keep the separate layers perhaps someone with more knowledge will post it here. I'm using GDAL 1.11.0 to convert USGS GeoPDFs to GeoTiffs. Using gdal_translate I'm able to remove some of the GeoPDF layers such as 'Map_Collar' but for some GeoPDFs the 'Image' layer apparently cannot be removed. This appears to be the results of processing older GeoPDFs (as noted at GDAL Conversion of US Topo GeoPDFs). gdal_translate.exe -of GTiff -co 'TILED=YES' -co 'TFW=YES' Inputfile.pdf Outputfile.tif --config GDAL_PDF_LAYERS_OFF 'Map_Collar','Map_Frame.Projection_and_Grids','Images' --config GDAL_PDF_DPI 300 Source.

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