Edward’s Blog: GIS3015 – Module 2 / CorelDraw X7

This week's assignment was to make a basic Florida map for a children's encyclopedia. To begin we export a basic state map of Florida from ArcGIS and import the map into CorelDraw X7. Once in CorelDraw X7, essential map elements and state information is added. The goal was to make an aesthetically pleasing and publishable map. I began by changing the color of the state to green and the background to orange, reminiscent of the Floridian landscape. I modified the existing Legend to include the state capital and combined the water features. I added labels for some of the major cities, a north arrow, and data source and cartographer information. For the title, I thought of the audience and chose a font accordingly. I also included the state nickname, the state bird, and the state seal. For someone with a mild form of OCD I found this lab to be quite tedious. But by the end, the editing techniques became more fluid in nature. Personally, I find ArcGIS more user friendly and was tempted to do most of the editing within ArcMap. The only unresolved issue is when exporting from CorelDraw X7 as a .JPEG the image seems to get clipped around the edges. However, I am very pleased with the final product. Source.

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