Ellipsoid Globe map with latitude-longitude.ai, pdf, eps, cdr files

The Ellipsoid Globe map with latitude-longitude.ai, pdf, eps, cdr files (ai, pdf ) file in vector format enable the user organise level of structuring of map. A vector file (ai, pdf) has flexible tools for displaying elements of maps - you can discrete or arbitrary scaling map - performing group operation with selected features - changing the orders of displaying layers - switching in/off displaying os any layers - changing attributes of selected object ( recolour, modify outline thick, transparency, symbols) - adding or changing features of any items, (i.e. font type) - copying and moving particular shapes - merging different shapes (i.e. counties) - adding, removing cartography symbols For editing ai, pdf file use the most common Adobe Illustrator (version 10 or higher) or CorelDRAW (version 10 or higher). If you dont have Adobe Illustrator or Corel you can choose free open source Inkscape - 57 MB -(Windows, Mac, Linux platform ) or Scribus (Windows, Mac, Linux (54 MB) I would like to have a link exchange related with geographics, education, webdesign, graphics sites or blogs of vectorart. If anyone interested kindly get back to me or simple fill out the form below. The filling (controlling) full automatic. You can put it on either webpage except top level page. (home).Pagerank: 3 Source.

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