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So I have been using corel draw 9 ( i probably need to upgrade) to do my designing and then sending that over to my cutting software. I have a guy that sent me an eps from Adobe Ill. and the only thing that I can open it with is corel paint as a btm. I was under the understanding that an eps was universal. What does everyone do when artwork comes in from different programs? I've got a copy of AI coming so hopefully that should solve this issue. Sorry computers are a necesary evil and I haven't had much time hone my knowledge. Eps is just a container for whatever you want to put into it. bitmaps, vector objects, text, etc. Ergo it's universal. But AI or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves won't change the bitmap into a vector object. Corel 9 is just fine, the upgrade to 12 isn't worth the price. It would seem to us here at the home that if you're going to do this sort of work you really ought to have a basic understanding of just what is which and move computers out of the necessary evil category and put them into the 'intrinsic to the job' classification. When someone is going to send you art that you plan on cutting be sure to specify that you can only use vector objects. If whoever is sending you the art doesn't understand this, then you probably don't want their art anyway. Thanks for the advise. I am learning several different sofwares as I get the opportunity. I use a computer quite a bit, but they will always be a necessary evil no matter how important to my job they are. I haven't had a problem with any of my own designs, just with this one that was sent to me. It's not that I don't know anything, I design in solidworks and cad as well, I'm just learning the stuff about ai and draw. I'm one of those guys that wishes they were born 150years ago. A friend told me that I might save the design to an older version of AI. I'll have the guy resave the design and make sure that it is a vector object . Thanks Corel 9 has been a solid performer for many years for us and upgrading to 12 continues the tradition. It's worth the purchase. Make sure the people that are sending Illo files are coverting the fonts to outlines & convert strokes thickness It's worth the trouble to have Illo also, even if ya dont know it too well. Learn as ya go. OberonPlace.com has a neat Copy Illo to CDraw macro that works great as well as many other macros for Draw. Source.

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