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Who knows how to convert a (EPS) silhouet to a outline which is vectorbased? Else I have to draw the silhouet with the pentool by hand, which cost a lot of time. And I have a lot of silhouets..... Ed, did you try to import the eps file with the EPS, PS, PRN filter instead of the straight EPS filter? I read the directions you posted a year ago - I followed them but I still do not get the outside of the object to have a vector line. There're two EPS files, as vector (cerated with CorelDRAW, Illustrator, freehand...) or as a bitmap (made with Photoshop). The most common is the vector-based EPS, so you can import it as is to CorelDRAW (as Diane said). Then, you can ungroup, select the objects you want, duplicate it (numeric keypad + or copy/paste) and choose 'weld'. Also, you can use the Contour tool Is there anything that can be done to ensure when importing EPS files overlapping objects do not require welding? Having overlapping objects create a transparent area between them seems to contradict the intension of the design being imported.Is there maybe a setting that would change that functionality? Source.

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