eSchoolMaps – A collection of editable clip art maps for schools, teachers and students.

ESchoolMaps offers a large collection of clipart maps that can be customized and edited for education use. Our outline maps, which are available on CD-ROM, are an ideal teaching tool for any grade level. Available in PowerPoint and EPS Adobe Illustrator formats, our maps can be tailored for student worksheets, classroom lessons and group projects. We provide a full range of maps, including: the United States, North America, world regions, world projections and many individual countries. Each state and country in every map is an individual element, allowing users to modify the image for specific assignments. Using PowerPoint or Illustrator, students and teachers can select states or countries, pull out sections, color, insert or delete text, draw lines and boxes or add color to highlight specific areas. Our collection also includes an extensive number of JPG and GIF maps, which are perfect for student reports, projects and web sites. These maps include world projections, world regions and more than 200 country maps and flags. The CD-ROM can be ordered directly from We can also accept orders by phone or by mail, accompanied by a printout of our order form. We accept major credit cards, school purchase orders and checks. Source.

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