, in English or French. This map is adapted for school tests and shows the districts of the country, the main rivers and mountain ranges. Now the Euratlas Georeferenced Historical Vector Data licences are ready for 21 centuries. Let us recall these historical databases include the shapes, long form names, short form names, political status and dependencies - i. e. owner and holder entities - of all the known European countries for each century from provided and the databases include also nearly 3000 places and towns, with their importance degree and local name of the time, to help location. These data allow you to modify and organize spatially your own map and are particularly adapted for: The new versions of the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe are still in progress. The new Expert version will be a dedicated program with excellent zoom and powerful search options and several display choices. It will be possible to create customized maps by choosing which information to display or not: countries, rivers, mountains, provinces, cities, short names, long names, political dependencies etc. The new Basic version will be a simple .pdf document with high resolution maps, 10 000 pixels wide. Here you can download a slightly reduced map from this version: the map of the Of course, all existing customers of an Expert or Basic version will benefit of an upgrade price for the new equivalent version. is available now for Corel Draw and Illustrator users. In addition to the 200 m., 500 m. 1000 m., 2000 m. and 3500 m. contour lines and to the rivers and to 2600 populated places, you will find in it the shapes of the European countries with their borders of 2009. The vector files are provided in 24 layers but Corel Draw users need only 18 layers as the towns names and the long and short form names of the countries are available as ObjectData. Moreover, the first level administrative divisions (regions, states or communities) are given for the United Kingdom, for France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and Greece. from the Atlas historique et géographique by Las Cases alias Lesage can be downloaded in high resolution by all Euratlas-Info subscribers. Documents and products mentioned above are in the new Euratlas-Info and Euratlas Shop pages. These pages have been revised to become more ergonomic and are now easier to navigate. We are still progressing in the process of creation and translation of the new versions, Expert and Basic, of the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe and we hope that the new basic version will be available in June Source.

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