will entitle you to use them for press advertising, brochure, poster, corporate identity, infography, any paper edition or publication, postcards, calendars, tee-shirts up to 1 500 copies or for websites with less than 500 000 visitors per month. The set of 21 mute historical maps, one per century from AD 1 to AD 2000, comes along with the program Hisatlas-Kratographica, the world historical atlas of the constituent authorities, has been updated. Mr Joachim de Salas Vara de Rey has designed new maps for the sections. The new maps are available in low resolution, that is at a width of 640 pixels, on Hisatlas-Web but, if you want to admire these works in full-size PDF, with legends and explanation, you will have to purchase in the appropriate field during the order process, you will get 25 % discount on each product you purchase. Moreover you will receive, by post, a free paper copy of section and you can navigate through a series of 190 images illustrating the flow of time. Actually most of the photos are showing existing objects, monuments or landmarks related to an event and placed in perspective with history. By travelling over this chronology, one can comprehend the time in an unusual way. Source.

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