European Countries Vector Maps in Illustrator and Powerpoint

Business Map Designers Specialising in Location maps, UK Postcode Maps and Vector Editable Outline Maps of the World. Vector editable monochrome European Map covering approximately 50 countries. The files are fully editable and each European Country is a seperate shape for easy customisation to fit in with your project. Spanish outline vector map showing the edge of France, Portugal and North Africa. Also including the Baleric Islands this map is fully editable showing the Country Names along with the Major Cities. Polish Country outline map also showing the surrounding countries of Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine and Germany. Vector based which is easily editable in Powerpoint and Adobe Illustrator. United Kingdom outline map in a vector file format. England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales UK Outline Map to include in presentations, website, brochure or flyer. Edit the map using Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe Illustrator Italian Map including Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica outline maps showing sections of all the surrounding countries for reference. Labels, the map grid and all other elements can be shown or hidden from view. We have created individual maps of all the European countries which can be downloaded individually. If you require more than one map it is better value to purchase the entire EU map and crop it to the desired areas. German outline country map showing the surrounding countries of France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Amsterdam and others. Germany is a seperate shape to make for easy customisation to fit in with your project. All text is also editable along with shapes. Surrounded by the countries Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and Germany. All shapes are individual and can be coloured and styled separately. Source.

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