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1. Fcad parallels may features of Corel Draw, Micrografx Designer, ESRI ARcView, and ERmapper. Fcad out runs all these programs significantly. But Fcad needs to enhance their imports/exports of raster images and vector formats. Can Fcad compete with the Corels? Yes, most people only use about 15% of the features in Corel. 2. There is a significant amount of digital data available today from the US Geological Survey (USGS) both vector & raster. DLGs contain vector data of towns, hydrology,roads and many other layers. Why not build an import for Fcad. Tralaine is a simple to use program (1 man company) to convert lat/longs to xy coordinate systems like UTM. DLG2DXF is a public program from the BLM that converts DLG vector data to DXF. Incude these as an import. 3. The USGS DRG files are raster topo maps available for 90% of the USGS. There are many vendors now that will sell you the data immediately or you can wait 8 week for a cd from the USGS. How many people vectorize topo maps? Why not load these raster files and draw on top. I use Corel or Designer for this. I would rather use a very user friendly/logical program like fcad32. 4. There is now simple programs that work with the DRG topo files that tie a lat/long or UTM xy to the image. Do the same thing with fcad32. Again include the Tralaine source code to change projections. Tralaine with convert any dxf or dwg to different projections. 5. The projection translation would be good for taking surveys from GPS useing NAD83 projection and converting it to the NAD27 projection used by most topo maps. 6. Bring back the EXF. It is one of the simpliest formats for average programmers to import data into fcad. The filled arcs and polygons of the old EXF format are untouch by most mapping programs. I have yet to get a filled arc into Corel, Designer, or autocad. And the filled arc is one of the most important symbols to geologist. 7. All the previous suggestions fit well into precision farming! There is a program called suffer (boulder colorado) that will contour any data. But it is a weak cad program. Again another one man company that hit it bit in environmental and Universities. Very similar to fcad. 8. I understand this may be considered as too specific of a market by a traditional cad company. But knowing the suveying, environmental, mapping, and oil/gas companies a few modification would push fcad to the front. And still not loose the old cad users. 9. I have always said the fcad programs are the best written and most user friendly. I would suggest a little research into the listed companies. Maybe everyone would benefit!! I've used FastCad and EasyCad for many years to create displays for oil and gas projects. Version 6+ can do most anyhting you need if you work with it( from symbol catalogs to title block templates). You can also import surfer maps to a layer or import FastCad base maps to Surfer. Th newest version of Surfer which will be available shortly imports many file types from the USGS which may be imported to FastCad. Try exploring the pen with feature to fill polygons and make them stand out with a bolder border are chane fill color with the 2nd color fill feature. I'm trying to work with macros now to do volumetric and if it works I will post it. Source.

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