Example 4. Watershed and Stream Network Delineation

The geodatabase NHDPlus.mdb contains data from the National Hydrography Plus dataset.� Inside NHDPlus.mdb, we are interested in the NHDFlowline and USGSGage feature classes stored in the Hydrography feature dataset and the Subbasin feature class contained in the HydrologicUnits feature dataset.� The folder smdem_raw and associated files smdem_raw.aux, smdem_raw.rrd and files in the INFO folder contains the digital elevation model for this region obtained from the National Elevation dataset.� (Remember that in ArcGIS single datasets are often stored in multiple files on the computer and these files should be manipulated using ArcCatalog.� If you move the files using the Windows Explorer you may omit one of them and corrupt the data.� Following is the ArcCatalog depiction of the data files provided Source.

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