Now click on the top edge of the globe and after it re-orients, find Papua New Guinea and click on the center of the island. Use the Change Display Options icon to turn on the Lat/ Lon Grid (above), and take a look at the longest extent on each island using the grid spacing. Do a drag and click select of the city of Amarillo and note that the grids seem to form a perfect rectangle at this scale. Zoom back out to the entire globe, and rotate it until you can see both the U.S. and some country in another continent where one of your ancestors had roots. Click and hold on the freehand tool and with the mouse button still depressed, slid out to the far right icon, which is the connector line tool. Pick a point on the line and drag it down until you get a curve that you feel represents a straight-line route on a flat map (there isn’t a “right” answer for this, just what looks good to you). Finally, click on the “A” to go to the text tool and move the mouse pointer over the U.S. end of your line until it turns into the text cursor (looks like a capital I) and click. Type your name in, and then hit the space bar and hold it down until you only have enough room to write your ancestor’s name on the other end. Source.

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