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Desktop software, guides the reader from the shallower to the deeper grasp of GIS software operation skills. Based on experiments, the reader will first of all familiar with the operation of the establishment and drawing the basic spatial database, and then gradually transition to the spatial analysis and modeling of core technology, the application of GIS in practical science master through the real case practice. The book consists of L8 independent experiments, readers can book guided procedures, easy to finish each experiment, and understand the basic function of GIS software and the preliminary master the basic spatial analysis capabilities of GIS. this book is a GIS software operation guide book entry, suitable for geographic information system and related professional undergraduate and vocational students. The copyright page: illustration: two, the experimental background coordinates is a coordinate system is transformed into another coordinate system, is the necessary map mathematics basic steps of various scale map surveying and mapping. The 'map registration', 'projection' is a complete spatial data spatial reference system to establish the basic steps. Map registration can help users to integrate spatial data external conversion to coordinate ArcGIS identity, projection transformation can help the user to achieve the conversion between different coordinate system. The coordinate transformation is the first threshold in GIS. Conversion of physical coordinate 1 physical coordinates to the user coordinate include device coordinates and screen coordinates, a coordinate system of the graphics device. User coordinate is also called graphics coordinate or logical coordinate, coordinates system users to deal with your own graphics used, such as user defined coordinates, geodetic coordinates, geographic coordinates. The coordinate transformation for the actual coordinate physical coordinates to geographical elements, reduce the deformation (projection deformation, deformation, scanning paper deformation etc.). Coordinate transformation to achieve the map registration. 2 map map registration registration is the control point registration as a reference point position, so as to establish the relationship between the two coordinate systems of the one one corresponding. Control is currently not coordinate registration before the point, reference point is to coordinate after registration. Images registration includes two aspects: first, is to determine a sufficient number of registration control points (registration, controlpoint, RCP), second, according to the registration control point coordinates of the corresponding relationship between the pixel two or more images. The process of software environment coordinate conversion 3 map registration is more complex, but provides a very convenient conversion environment and lots of GIS software for the user. In Arc GIS, map registration can be divided into image registration and registration. The object of image registration is the raster data, such as TIFF format data. Spatial registration (Spatial Adjustment) is the object of vector data, such as shap file format data. 'Tutorial' experiment based ArcGIS mapping and spatial analysis was published by the publishing house of Surveying and mapping. The corresponding ArcGIS9 English version to explain, illustrations, the contents of simple and easy to learn, a good tutorial This book is mainly the applications on the Acgis, very practical, very detailed experimental steps, with this teaching material to complete self-study no problem, but if equipped with experimental data CD box corresponding is better! The experimental part of this book is very good is not empty talk to it on the book website to download the material although there has been no specific to learn but I also strongly recommend a demand for people who can buy to have a look... A good ArcGIS books, suitable for beginners learning super, but also the real data in the online download, feeling quite practical, you can have a try [... ] Can not open the site, download the experimental data, a stack of paper!!! Send mail to books on the contact, no reply!!! Digital geographic information system MapInfo application of Digital-Geographic Information System MapInfo Application Handbook. Source.

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