before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I have drawn several items in Corel 9. Some have included curves and simple arcs. When I bring them into Vector, They seem to import all right. But upon producing the cam file .sbp, I get all sorts of cutter-up commands in the curve sections. John I have found that Turbocad will do the same thing in Vector, so before you open or export it in Vector explode the file in Corel. Exploding the curves in CorelDraw translates into the command convert to curves. And yes, you need to do that before exporting as a .dxf file... especially if you are using any type of font. Im only familiar with CorelDraw8 Mac Version, but what Ive found is that arcs and rectangles created in CD8 with the arc or rectangle tools and then exported as .dxf files are very sloppy. Vector picks up alot of information from the .dxf file that gets interpreted as multiple lines going back and forth where only one line was originally drawn. The simplest solution Ive found so far is to sequentially pick single line segments, draw a point on each segment and copy and paste those points into a new window for drawing spline curves. It sounds more difficult and time consuming than it actually is. Ive also found that it is usually easier and safer to delay any interpolation within Vector until after any automatic Z movements. Sometimes when interpolating Vector creates single line segments rather than chains. The automatic Z movement function will lift the cutter for every segment. With the new SB software it should be a moot point though since it can read the arc commands from the SB driver. Also it has been my understanding that Vector will correctly interpolate any selected chain. It is careful to make sure that the interpolated chain is also a connected chain. As I said, this may make the process easier, if not let me know how and Ill check to see that I am doing it right and that I understand you. Well, I guess when I said that I pick single line segments, I should have said that I pick very selected line segments. Three points usually suffice for arcs created by the CorelDraw arc tool. Also, it is common for the points where lines intersect in Coreldraw to not be fully connected once in Vector, hence, the selecting points and redrawing often turns out, at least in my experience, to turn out quicker in the long haul than tracking down the gaps in the chains. Sort of related: On a particular job where a customer emailed me an already translated .dxf file, one entire section of a drawing was missing, while an area of his drawing that he had deleted was transmitted to me. This particular bug with this specific drawing happened repeatedly and the only way we could get around it was by having him email me a jpeg that I could verify. My guess is that not every .dxf translator is the same. I came close to shelling out for Polytrans, but havent had as many translation problems recently. Though not really a part of this specific discussion, Im usually not satisfied with how Vector re-organizes. There usually seems to be a final segment pointing the opposite direction, or jumps in sequence which, though creating shorter toolpaths, doesnt take into account the cutter direction that I need. I drew a file is Coreldraw, then drew the same file in Autocad,Turbocad verisons 4-5-53d-6.5, Mastercam, Had a friend do it in Artcam, Signlab. All files had been made with the same tools, not 1 would work in Vector? so In Turbocad I redrew the file TRACED IT with the Multiline Tool, then took it into vector and it worked no problems, so I re-traced it again with the SPLINE tool and tried that, it did not work, but when I exploded it in Turbocad then tried it agian it worked fine. I could not find how to draw the same file in Vector, I do not know what is going on but I do know you might just want to draw your files with the tools then save the file then group all then re-trace it with a Multiline tool or Spline tool, you will need to explode any lines you make with the Spline tool. Now sure if this will help you but I gave it my best shot, but I did find out that anything I draw in Turbocad will work fine with Vector now that I know you have to explode Spline lines. if your looking for an easy toolpath function get turbocad pro 6.5 . it has a join polyline feature.create your shape the easiest way.then select all.join polyline.offset line for cutter size. delete original.convert to shopbot.start cutting.the join polyline feature saves me countless hours. Source.

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