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I am having some problems exporting from Excel to Arc.Exporting directly from .xlsx to Arccolumns such as Name and latitude disappears all together Exporting from .xlsx to CSV, then erasing formatting, then exporting to Arclarge numbers such as ones This question already has an answer here: Export table from ArcGis to Excel file 4 answers In previous versions I could just export as a .DBF file, open it with Excel and then convert it to an Excel file. However, now in ArcGIS 9.3.1 the .DBF file ca I'm working with a complicated fGDB featureclass which contains hundreds of fields, in a variety of text and numerical formats. This is proving difficult to export into tab-delimited text file format.The problemAfter opening the table in ArcMap:Expor Possible Duplicate:How do I export an attribute table in ArcGIS version 9.3.1 to Excel? We are running 10.0 and are trying to simply export an attribute table to Excel other than exporting to dbf and opening straight away in excel.The problem is our I am trying since few days to solve a problem with Biblatex, which can't compile any of my references. I am running TeX Live 2013 (MacTeX) with Aquamacs as editor, biber 1.7 and biblatex 2.7 ... I have a shapefile with a Google Mercator projection (900913) that I need converted to GeoJSON. I need to do this on a regular basis amongst other things so I wrote a shell script to do it using ogr2ogr. I am also converting this to a 4326 projection I am exporting from Mapcom's M4 database into Geodatabase or Shapefile. I have the ArcGIS Data Interopability extension and I was able to connect and export the Lines, Points, polys, etc. When I was reviewing the exports, there are quite a few featur I am curious if there is a way to export from a vector format (ie: shapefile for PostGIS table) to Collada (.dae). ogr2ogr will do to GML and KML, but not Collada. My preference is to use op ... When exporting from ArcMap 10.1 to Illustrator CS5 I am getting a lot of errors (red box with plus sign). I have used this workflow in ArcMap 9.3 with less problems (there may have been a couple of errors but not the hundreds I am getting with versio It doesn't matter whether the .ai file is 1.5GB or 5MB, whether it's complex or simple, I always get the 'The file cannot be opened.' critical error. I use CorelDRAW X5 not Adobe Illustrator but there should not be any issues since CorelDRAW ope Is there a kind of wrapper/library written in python which would enable me to programatically create exports from postgis database into different file formats (most common being, shapefile, dxf, dgn,...). If not i ll probably build one myself using p I'm using QGIS 2.0.1 and am connected to a MS SQL Server spatially enabled database (not ESRI). I am able to connect to the layer and load it into my TOC just fine. I have hidden a number of fields that are not important for visibility sake. Now I wa When trying to export from org to beamer I get this msg:Processing LaTeX file ./ppt.tex... org-latex-compile: PDF file ./ppt.pdf wasn't produced: [undefined control sequence] I don't know what that means. Can someone please help me understand and fix Is there any way to losslessly export from Picasa? Even when there are no edits there are differences in exported files vs the original - when exported with automatic (ie, original) quality ... I just tried out a plugin for Lightroom that shows the used focus points and found that it works fine for RAW files (CR2), but fails for JPEGs. The plugin notifies me that the JPEG doesn't contain the necessary information to show the used focus poin I'm trying to export a simple street map with markers from ArcGIS 10.2 to PDF for editing in Inkspace (Note: I've tried this with exports to .ai and SVG as well with results similar to those recounted below). I'm somewhat new to Inkscape having mostl I am aware that Oracle Ent Ed (EE) has more functionality than Oracle Express Ed (XE). But I would like to do a FULL export from EE to XE. Is this even possible? The only solution I can assume will work would be to export/import tablespaces or schema I am trying to import DXF files exported from Gerber but it is not importing the content. I used following settings: - Replace scene - Remove duplicates, Limit 1.00 - Merge All - Thick ON - Codec- ASCIIDo I need to choose a different settings? I have created a model in ModelBuilder that uses the iterator tool to run through a polygon layer and clip a raster based on the polygon's unique name in the attribute table. The model then copies the rows of the clipped raster's attribute table and I have seen all the questions for this question, and I try all the answer like copy paste, csv (in fact this I don't know where to find) but none of all is not the right answer.Can anyone he ... Source.

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