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Recently I had to do a show and tell thing at work where we talk about all the stuff we’re doing outside the office. You know the kind of thing. I’ve been able to find the time to explore different technologies that I find interesting, so I spoke about that. It’s funny, when I was a kid my siblings used to call me Boring Rob because I’d read the MS-DOS manual at night, trying to learn how to program our family computer. I’m reliving those days again. I’m way out of my depth of course, but amazed at how much more simple it is to build stuff now than it was even a couple of years ago. It’s thrilling (but then I am Boring Rob, so…) Here’s a thing Greg and I teamed up to create for Singapore Design Week. It’s a map of points-of-interest that surround a hotel in Bukit Pasoh. Originally we wanted to surface the historical stories in the area, as they’re buried beneath multiple levels of gentrification—turns out they’re too buried and no-one can remember what the area was like. So we went with a different approach (admittedly contributing to the issue we set out to address). You go into the hotel lobby where there is an iBeacon that pushes out a Bluetooth signal containing the URL to our map. You pick this up through the Chrome browser on your smartphone, and access the map. There are a few other beacons on the tour that give you access to things like secret food menus. The map is built on a platform called MapBox, with some additional customisation and fiddling about with a javascript library called Leaflet.js. That’s all chucked into a webpage with a menu and location button, and you can pick it all up on your smartphone. It’s pretty basic, and the usefulness of this particular execution is arguable. But it’s a good demo of how two digital technologies can link to physical spaces. We got to explore a ton of technology we were interested in and develop a use for it. We tested that with real people, got some use-data and solid feedback. Now we know the limitations of it and what can be improved. A great exercise. On today’s episode of “Why is this my minor”, ArcMap refuses to fucking work, something I have successfully done before does not happen, and I will have to half-ass this assignment because the only method I can use is not working at all. And I get to half-ass it right after my professor told me I have done an excellent job on my assignments Lol fuck this If this program on my work computer doesn’t stop freezing up, I am going to lose my mind. Whyyyy, ArcMap?? Why are you making my workday so painful?? On the plus side, it gives me time to go on Tumblr at work, but man…. today is going to be a long day. Think it’s Ctrl-A when in an edit session - if you start a line, then right-click there’s a menu with line options.. Source.

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