Features of MapTiler – create map overlay, GIS layers and mobile apps sgoogle maps overlay, georeferencing, hosting of tiles – MapTiler

MapTiler will utilize full power of your computer to recalculate every pixel of the map as fast as possible. Once the maps are turned into tiles, the distribution is blazingly fast. You control the processing and distribution of maps — the sensitive data can stay in a private intranet, behind firewalls, and can also be used offline without third-party services. MapTiler supports a wide range of formats. Produced maps can be opened in any viewer supporting OGC WMTS standard. Create map layers of very large areas by merging multiple input files and producing a single layer, even for a whole country. Command line interface is available for full automation of processes. The tool can be used as part of a complex workflow and in automated repeated tasks without user interaction. Linux, Windows and Mac OS X are fully supported as well as cloud platforms. Source.

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