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This article or chapter is incomplete and its contents need further attention. Some information may be missing or may be wrong, spelling and grammar may have to be improved, use your judgment! Bitmap tracing will turn a bitmap (e.g. a photograph or a non-vectorized graphic) into vector graphics. This allows you for example to That's a tough problem, since a picture got many colors and sometimes objects overlap (i.e. you have to remove these and then repair with painting). To the right you see the picture of some lion that can be found in Vienna (plus the head of a research assistant). We show how we extracted just the lion (about 30 minutes of work). Of course, once you have your trace, you then can remove unwanted elements (e.g. backgrounds in a portrait), change colors or apply all other drawing techniques you know. Illustrator CS3 has more sophisticated bitmaps tracing features. Here is a very short example that includes a shape tween: Once you hit the trace button, the controls on top will change and you can play with all sorts tracing methods and parameters Basically the machine must be told how to group similar pixels together into a vector objects. For example, an algorithm can group together pixels with similar brightness, similar color, or try to find lines from similar pixels. The free Inkscape editor can also trace. If you don't own Illustrator and need more than CS3 can offer, you may give it a try. Ok that would be the only picture of me in edutech wiki. In addition I made these very quickly which is not what you should do in a 'real' production. The result is really ugly and useless ... Source.

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