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Note: It is quite difficult to convert a Bitmap image into a Vector image and if you need to you would normally use a specialist program. These programs are usually referred to as Trace programs. Some image programs may have Trace type filters. Before you can do this you will need to know the location of the Clip Art source files. They will be in a folder on your hard drive. It maybe something like this: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeClipart Tip: If you cannot locate the folder try and do a search for .wmf files (Windows Meta File). On some computers it could be part of the hidden system folders. Once you know the location you can import the Clip Art directly from Flash: File >, Import >, Import to Stage (Ctrl R) Note: Other options should now be visible in this section of the Property Inspector. Shape Tween options visible in the Timeline when the Tweened frame is selected. Source. Looking for vector maps of Germany (Deutschland Vektorkarten) for Adobe Illustrator?."

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