So this is an application that I built for the White House that actually when the Gulf of Mexico, the BP oil spill happened… And that's where the Flex API's very powerful, is to build dashboard expressive applications to really push information out. …in such a way now, when I hover on, when I bring the mouse it can automatically snap to a vector right there on the screen. Okay. You have the option, if you want to actually make a listener on the server that will put this on a geodatabase for you. You can now, when you get the SDK you can open up the ZIP file and you can see exactly how the components are made, by the way. So be able to bring in that data in XML format, and be able to process it directly at the player level is very, very powerful. So in this particular application, I am constraining the map to a particular extent and I'm telling it to load the data… (Question from the audience) Is there anything, any plug-in that needs to be downloaded from the client side, for example, Flash? The beauty about the Flash Player is you're already ubiquitous and 97 percent of the browser already have Flash built in. Again, one of things that I really like about the API that we've done, is if you don't like the look of what…the way we gave it to you… Remember, we at Esri give you the capability to put any layer you want, not just, you know the world or stuff like that… Of course, as you can tell it's a very slow process, this tile format where already it is precomputed, it's so much faster. I went to the cloud and I have my full basemap data, fully zoomable, fully panable, fully ready to meet, to interact with. So out of the box it gives you a date picker, a color picker, a slider, a check box, a button, all that stuff is available to you here. Without programming, I'm going to use these curly braces, those are magic curly braces, it says please watch that object. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to group those components horizontally so that they appear right next to each other… Automatically dim the web site while the video is playing. A few seconds after you start watching the video and stop moving your mouse, your screen will dim. You can auto save this option if you login. <,iframe frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='480' height='270' src=''>,<,/iframe>, Source.

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