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is the ideal software solution for conservators, restorers and urban perservationists to perform digital mapping in the rectified image/photomap. In the context of restoring and conserving work the documentation forms a substantial focus. Its combination of image processing and CAD-functionality makes operation of the programm user-friendly, both in the office and on-site. is offered since 2001. Actually there are more than 600 licenses in use. Since 2004 an english version is offered in the european foreign countries. With the version 75% of our customers are free restorers or restoring companies. The bulk of users come from the department stone (70%) and wall (20%). Rectified images easily can be assembled and processed. So a combination of several images with different qualities (resolution, scale, rgb/b&w) is possible in one mapping project. for line and area mapping, image and vector signatures as well as annotation and dimensioning classes. In your project mapping classes can be used for different mapping themes (e.g. stock- and damage mapping, action planning and billing) and can be grouped individually. individual mapping templates can be defined and designed with the help of a large library of hatchings, line types and colors. allows a fast navigation in the mapping project and elective fading in and out of mapping data on the display through grouping of mapping classes. With the help of object hierarchy large mapping projects with many sub projects can be managed and evaluated comprehensively. offers a CAD interface for direct input of DWG/DXF files as mapping basis or for the continuation of already existing CAD mappings in Data fields can be created (e.g. for findings or technological information on planned conservation) and assigned with own field values for every mapping classification. Quantity calculation and object data can be exported as a whole into text files to be processed in table calculations or data banks. can manage user defined templates of legends, title blocks and data sheets for an indivual layout of your mapping projects. Thus you are allowed integrate mass determination optional in legends. Besides you can use legends and title blocks project comprehensive. for dissertation and student research projects with the according certification as well as internships for uncommercial processing of projects. They can use the software for the needed period of time of the work (about 3-6 months) and pay 25,-€ (net) for it - plus shipping costs. Source.

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