: Advisory: Basic computer skills and knowledge of Macintosh or Windows operating systems, familiarity using Web browsers, email, bookmarking, searching and downloading, students may enroll in LINC 73H or 73J, but not both, for credit, not open to students with credit in LINC 233. Adobe Illustrator creates drawings, illustrations, and images for print or Web. Use vector graphics, draw objects, stroke outlines and pattern fills, work with brushes, gradients, color blends, design type, and develop graphs. Create shapes, color and stroke fills, skew, transform, rotate, group, warp, and merge shapes to create simple maps and diagrams. Create typographic illustrations using titles, logos, paragraph text, and illustrate the text with brush strokes, color styles, and create vertical type, warped type, and type on a path. When offered on/off campus: Lecture room equipped with overhead projector, white/black board, and a demonstration computer connected on-line. Computer laboratories equipped with on-line PCs and Macintosh computers, network server access, and printers When taught via Foothill Global Access on the Internet: Students must have currently existing e-mail accounts/e-mail address and ongoing access computers with e-mail software, GUI web browsing capability, FTP program, and access to the World Wide Web. When course is taught on-line: Additional information, notes, handouts, syllabus, assignments, tests, and other relevant course material will be delivered by e-mail and on the World Wide Web, and discussion may be delivered in chat rooms or moderated listservs. When course is taught on-line through Foothill Global Access: Lectures, notes, handouts, syllabus, assignments, tests, and other relevant course material will be delivered through the ETUDES course software on the World Wide Web. ETUDES is bundled with effective FORUM software for discussions, email, peer reviews and critiques, homework submission, etc. Lecture: Weekly lecture covering subject matter from text assignment with extended topic information. Class discussion is encouraged. When taught online these methods may take the form of video, audio, animation and web page presentations. Laboratory assignments will be submitted online as well. Source.

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