Surge produces three basic types of maps: color contours (left), isolines, and 3D maps. Click the image on the left for additional examples. The program offers numerous data interpolation and smoothing routines and includes detailed documentation that explains the mathematical principles involved. Data is input with simple ASCII text files that define the x-y position of each point, z (the data value) and a label field. Used in tandem with other free software (such as fGIS), one can easily generate text files for the creation of boundaries (like the outline of Wisconsin) or the position of data points. For a tutorial, click here. Reprojecting entire files of vector or image data is most easily accomplished with commercial tools like Global Mapper or the coming version of the TatukGIS Editor. Advanced users who are comfortable with command line instructions could check out Shapetrans for converting shapefiles or FWTools for converting imagery between coordinate systems. A batch file procedure developed for reprojecting raster images with GDALWARP is available, too. ILOG JViews Map Viewer is a pure-Java demo application that runs on any platform that supports Java: Windows, Linux, Mac, UNIX – you name it. Its functionality includes thematic map creation and openGL-accelerated 3D terrain visualization. ILOG JViews Map Viewer: Your easy FREE way to quickly evaluate ILOG JViews Maps’ component libraries. Download it at ILOG is a new addition to the site (Feb 1, 2007) No review or product testing done by ForestPal at this time. If you have a review please email it to Source.

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