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_See how this illustration has grown in it's [final iteration]( We're very excited to release our first physical UX Kit. The [Website Deck]( is a miniature deck of website wireframe cards for quickly mapping our your site's information architecture, away from your computer. [See it here]( The deck includes 53 1.75' x 2.5' numbered wireframe cards, with common page names, plus a key to find them. They're printed on premium French 310gsm linen cardstock. We're offering free U.S. shipping right now, and a discounted flat rate to anywhere else in the world. _Ranger Snapshots highlight the best work from the Forrst community, diving into the design and story behind the most compelling design work on the Internet. Snapshots serve as examples of great design presentation for effective design learning and feedback from our community._ This is a series of sketches I made of the first Halo game. My medium is purely graphite pencils. As suggested by a reader, I've included the final product piece as the first image, and the second image on is the start of the drawing process that resulted in that final product piece. I needed a break from doing marketing and design work, so wanted to do some sketches to get my mind fresh and revitalized. I don't have any goals of creating this other than to stay sane, and to be refreshed from all the digital and analytical stuff I do on a daily basis. Ok, so maybe a goal is to get my Forrst friends inspired, which I am hoping you are after seeing this :) Thanks and I welcome the [constructive] comments and feedback :) P.S. Sorry for bad pictures. I'm sooo not a photographer. Hey forrsters, just want to show you my progress with the icon pack I'm working on just now and maybe get some feedback. I'm gonna try and make over 100 icon Buttons for the completed pack and I'm running out of ideas, maybe need a break or something. So far I have: Facebook Twitter Dribbble Forrst Coderwall JSFiddle Flickr Imugr Last.FM Zune RSS Pinterest Youtube Vimeo Twitch.TV Soundcloud Audimated Bebo Anobii Deviantart Playstation Xbox Wii Steam Google+ MySpace Delicious Linkedin Mixi Weibo Renren Tencent qq Reddit Tumblr Digg Orkut Google Play Itunes App Store Android Apple Windows Dropbox Github I've also got a few more on my list that I'm going to be adding and they are: Spotify Rdio Vevo Posterous Stumbleupon Email Simple Blog Button Blogger Wikipedia WordPress If you have any more suggestions I'd love to hear them. Thanks for taking the time to view my progress so far. Working on the new logo still ... took the comments and suggestions as well as my own stubborness into account and created what you see here. As you see by the arrows was my original (current) logo in the upper left corner, then the first idea that spawned from that, then the next idea and so forth. Till you get to the 'final' logo design in the lower right. I think this really works and so far I'm happy with it. It's simple, flows well, gives the hidden impression of a 'p' and 'w' along with the 'wave' that was from the original. I also like that I used the same head as before because while smooth and flowing, it's aggressive too! If this is indeed the final one - then I'll post it along with ALL the sketches that lead me to this point as well. ,) Thanks to the community once again! Ok here are the business cards I just got printed by MOO for my design services, it includes my new logo. The margin on the front side at the top is a little smaller then I would of liked, it was a bit close on the print outline template I guess. What do you think about them? I am a graphic and web designer and i have a passion for graphics for the past 12 years. I also love make illustrations .... and ... I love the icons :) Forrst is a community where designers and developers can share their work and get the feedback they need. It's maintained by ZURB, a product design company that helps companies design better web sites, services and online products. Source.

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