Checkout overlay for Draft: We had some issues getting the about page for the product overlay right, without some clear boundaries to create the visual hierarchy. So we modified it a bit to match the general design. Product section on a customers space, works with any type of product, from subscriptions, recurring to one-time etc. Full screen coming soon, see more at Hi all, my first post on Forrst! This is a SASS based project which is used for Employee management and intra network portal. This helps company and employees to track internal projects/messages/timelines/file sharing/chatting and many more options... going to add some more screenshots of this project in coming days! I welcome your feedback. We're very excited to release our first physical UX Kit. The [Website Deck]( is a miniature deck of website wireframe cards for quickly mapping our your site's information architecture, away from your computer. [See it here]( The deck includes 53 1.75' x 2.5' numbered wireframe cards, with common page names, plus a key to find them. They're printed on premium French 310gsm linen cardstock. We're offering free U.S. shipping right now, and a discounted flat rate to anywhere else in the world. Hellooo, here you see the logo of a product I am creating with some pals. Thanks to Petr Kollarčík for the animalistic help. More on! Product Experts - members will soon have the ability to create a member profile that displays their product knowledge, products owned, and professional expertise. We're striving for Retail Product Experts to be known for & asked for by name because the world knows them and not just because a friend knows them. We're trying to accomplish a lot on this page: • Profile header where they can quickly link to sections on the page for more information, filter the whole profile by a category of expertise. • Introduce scoring mechanism to rank them within our community of experts and there level of knowledge and experience in a given category Hi folks, I designed some line icons a couple of weeks ago and released them on Creative Market. The set contains 138 vector icons. Each icon is designed at 512 by 512 px and it can be scaled down to 32 by 32. The set costs no more, no less, than $2. Hi folk, i am a UI/UX designer and have an idea for a product that i think could help a lot of folk in the design industry. I would like to speak with a few ios/mac developers that are available and willing to work on a side project that could potentially make revenue. If you are interested I would love to share my idea and maybe we can work together. Contact me on skype for more details : chrisjohnson83 A company I work creative direction for is developing a new logo for a high end version of one of their current project. The logo will be made into a rubber patch and attached to the product. The patch will be roughly about 4.5 inches on the long end. What is the product? Well they make sheets for horses. So think higher end show horses. Let me know what you guys think. My mom worked in East-Germany (DDR) in 1976. She bought the same Blaupunkt mega clock radio like this. This vintage radio was in my family for more than 30 years and it is still working. Many Blaupunkt radio models were made at that time, but this model was the best in my opinion regarding the design. Tribute to the German product designers! Adobe Illustrator, 12 hours This is my first attempt to really use the 3D tools in Illustrator. I faced some problems with it because it's functions are limited in Illustrator, so I had to combine that with regular tools and methods (gradients, perspective grids, blends, etc). Here are the new version with some modifications. Please let me know any comments. Re-do from this Thanks for watch :) I'm working on a product that helps folks build curated sets of links. *The Toolkit* is a set myself and some internet folks are contributing to, our goal is to share stuff that we feel is of value when building web/mobile products day to day. Enjoy! Forrst is a community where designers and developers can share their work and get the feedback they need. It's maintained by ZURB, a product design company that helps companies design better web sites, services and online products. Source.

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