[Freehand] FreeHand teaching exercises, anyone?

What is their skill level? How savvy are they about the purpose of graphic design and production? FWIW, I find these features the most useful, and so would devise several projects using several of them: Text to path Layers Did I mention layers? Locking objects and layers Aligning objects Oh, yeah, layers Key line pies and full-throated color views Layers Blending Transparent colors Expanding paths The Three Mouse-Cat-Ears: punch, intersect, and combine The fun stuff, which I think gets too gooey with eye candy, are fractals and spirals, also fisheye distortion. Some project ideas: A street map (for out of towners to find their own home). I use layers in this way, from top to bottom text (labels, street names, legends, etc. buildings, trees, etc. white-line roads black line roads (clones of above, 1-2 pts thicker, this making parallel roadways that intersect but don't look like basketry weaving over and under the crossing street. background fills (water, terrain texture, borders, etc.) A logo (even something as lighthearted as their own family name as a trademark), using these features Type on a path Type to pathway Punch/combine/intersect commands to modify the type or mark Blends to make such things as a row of lines or shapes Greeting card Import a color image Use the eyedropper to add colors from the image to the color palette, and then use the colors in the rest of the layout. Making tints of colors Blending colors (making sure they are CMYK) Using gradient fills with several color points (more than the beginning and colors colors) Enjoy. ------------------- Michael Brady Source.

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