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You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Hi,We have a vast database of Freehand maps and continue to use this program to create maps. However with Adobe now dropping sale of Freehand, and dropping support for it in FlashCS5, one may need to see if there is a better option that will open the existing files without problems and allow total functionality with Flash and work with ESRI. Something that isnt going to take time to learn, is intuitive, has speed of drawing as fast as Freehand and allow even more creativity ? What programs are Freehand users using for map creation ?Other Freehand users dislike Illustrator for the less than logical tools, the slower methods, the large file sizes it generates and so on. As much as even consider it, thinking its moved on to be as good as Freehand since Adobe acquired Macromedia, it looks as if its still Freehand. I read of cartographers going back to Freehand to get the job done, Illy makes you want to fist the wall, and one guy did. Illy doesnt support linked images, well thats Illy down the pan for me, probably explains the massive file sizes. Our Freehand map files feature linked in raster maps over which they are created.I need to take the vector map into Flash, so it must ideally allow such to happen in Flash CS5, without road ends becoming rounded, messing up road junctions etc. It must also allow a crop frame (clipping path box I use in Freehand) to remove roads outside of the area concerned for import to Flash, and register to 0,0 of all the exports made from various layers of the map.So what are you Freehand users using ?Envirographics 'There is much beauty that we fail to see through our own eyes teeming with life forms that give us that perception of our reality. Leaves on the trees blowing gently in the wind, or scarily, the waves pounding through high surf, or lightly on a warm summer’s day, that opportunity to sit or swim in the water on a white beach. That comfort to shout, “The universal conscious do you hear me? I am alive, guide me dear logos towards the path of rightnesses.” Earned what has been kept, no longer to be absorbed into a life filled with cold damn winds and that stubborn fog clouding my vision with nothing but darkness.' So... Free Hand guru's... could you please give me some specific examples of what I'm missing? I'm not being flippant, I'm genuinely curious. For my part I might be blissfully unaware of what a pain Illy is, but I love it, especially combined with MAPub. My perspective coming from the old ArcInfo, the new ArcGIS, GeoMeida and older Illy versions (8 & 9) is that CS4 pretty much kicks a@#! Source.

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