Also, why when I drag my guides on the document do they disappear as soon as I let go? Show guides is on. Freehand's transparency capabilities stink. Sometimes having to figure out which pointer tool to use in Illustrator is confusing. But anything you can draw in one you can do in the other. All that 'graphic hose,' 'beveled edge' filter crap is not worth the time spent developing it. You can use it for page layouts, but it's hard to find a printer who will do it, but I use it for comps before moving stuff into Quark. BTW, the Designers Republic only uses 2 programs, Freehand and Photoshop. Good enough for them, good enough for me. I'm having problems printing too. It always says it's too large for the paper and when I preview it not everything shows up. I'm not talking about cropping either. I'm talking about whole vectors being gone from the center of the page. Could be because I pasted some in from Flash. I'll have to go back and try some more. I haven't had much time to mess with it. Also, does anyone use Freehand as an alternate to a page layout program like quark odr inDesign? Is that possible? the most annoying thing is for instance: This week I have had an irate client on the phone twice because there is something missing from their ad that is printed in 2 magazines, the artwork was supplied fine along with a correct pdf for visual, yet the dumbfuck publication cocked up, didn't check the visual, the client fucked up and didn't check the proof and its all down tom the fact that they opened a freehand file in ilustrator and a box pasted in another didn't show because of the conversion. illy is another story, you have couple of things that freehand don't have, but I found it very memory intensitive in the first hand. also if you are dealing with flash you should better use freehand, because illyu sucks when you are dealing with complex vectors and try to spit them to flash although freehand can dance with it. anotherpoingt multiple pages . freehand is ncie about them. you can create storyboards easily on a one thumb, illy has some addons orplugins as if they call that tweak the softy and make it support multiple pages but why give another couple of bucks for this. at last but not the least, if you are dealing with complex vectorised graphics stick to illy, but if you are dealing more editorial stuff I'd choose freehandy. I use FH10 atm, but I wanna learn illustrator, just got myself a copy of CS. What are the issues with illustrator CS? Gradient maps sound sweet! Source.

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