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Is there any way to export a map other than in outline mode? I'd like to go to postscript so I can then convert to pdf or a raster image. Hello dear Nobody, what about printing to a 'PDF printer' ? If you have Adobe's Acrobat or similar free programs could you have your requirement satisfied ? Using a PDF-Printer does not solve the problem entirely because you don't get a scalable vector image but a bitmap. Besides that the image will usually not fit a page on all sides so you will have a lot of white space. Is there a way to have vector export (File >, Copy Map to Clipboard) added in a future version of this otherwise marvelous piece of software? I use PDFCreator for making an image of the map. I have a probleme : the map is cut on top and on left. If you have an idea or if you have a better solution thank-you ... ,) First you have to page setup (change to fit in one page) then print with Adobe Acrobat printer. Adobe Acrobat will show the result i.e. a whole map, no cut. Then you can change it to other formats (save as). You need to make a map with big fonts so the exported image will be enough readable. Source.

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