GCC vinyl cutter, cutting plotter for sign making

The amount of material used is minimized by rotating and moving the objects. You can specify the distance between the objects to be optimized. In order to enable the exact assembly of foil colors, the register marks are cut independently of the used color, at the same place on the foil. The jog marks function is used in order to create Sticker. Printed vinyl with jog marks is put in the cutter. The numbers of duplicates are cut with a contour. The plot server option displays your local IP address, which has to be entered as TCP/IP address in the clients. Detailed configuration Local ports and USB devices connect the selected device to your PC. The settings button allows to configure baud rate, data bits, etc.. What is POWERweed? It can be seen in the figure 1 below that the objects to be cut are only surrounded by a weeding frame. Especially when the objects are small, this is often insufficient for weeding them quickly and easily. In the GreatCut cutting preview you have three possibilities of using this feature. The POWERweed feature of GreatCut simplifies the weeding act by adding horizontal or vertical weeding lines. These additional weeding lines besides the weeding frame leave out the cut vectors of the objects. (See fig. 2 below) ‘H’ adds a horizontal, ‘V’ a vertical weeding line. The weeding line is set automatically in the middle of the width or height. The second weeding line is set in the middle of the half, the next one in the middle of the quarters and so on. In the figure below you can see how a cut job is prepared for cutting with segment lines. Figure: Job Manager Window with search path tree, search masks and thumbnails djustments and mistakes reserved. Source.

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