Gene Therapy – Gene intervention in ligament and tendon: current status, challenges, future directions

Photomicrographs of ligament sections showing the intracellular blue staining with y-gel. (a) Anterior cruciate ligament 10 days after implantation, retroviral ex vivo gene transfer. (b) Anterior cruciate ligament 3 weeks after implantation, adenoviral in vivo gene transfer. Eosin, 200. Reproduced with permission, Orthopaedic Research Society. (a) Transmission electron micrographs of normal medial collateral ligament, (b) 6-week injection control scar, (c) sense-treated control scar, and (d–f) antisense-treated scar. Although both the injection control and sense-treated control scar contain only small collogen fibrils (b and c), antisense-treated scars contain large fibrils (d and e), some of which are comparable with those in normal ligament (a and d) ( 30,000). Reproduced with permission, Orthopaedic Research Society. Source.

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