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Note: You clicked on an external link, which has been disabled in order to keep your shopping session open. The GeneArt™ Gene Synthesis service offers chemical synthesis, cloning, and sequence verification of virtually any desired genetic sequence. You will receive a bacterial stab and/or purified plasmid containing your synthesized gene—ready for downstream applications. Standard gene synthesis uses our highly automated process with turnaround times starting at just 9 business days, depending on sequence length (quicker options available). It is appropriate for most constructs with uncomplicated secondary structure and without direct/indirect repeats or long polypurine/polypyrimidine runs. Like all GeneArt Gene Synthesis services, standard gene synthesis includes the following components to help assure that your construct meets all of your research, quality, and documentation requirements. If you are new to GeneArt Gene Synthesis, check out our online ordering quick start guide and our gene synthesis tutorials. For researchers who need long custom DNA constructs for pharmaceutical development (e.g. viral genomes) or for metabolic engineering, pathway engineering, or synthetic biology, we offer a fast, reliable, and economic solution—our proprietary and completely in-house GeneArt™ DNA synthesis and assembly services. Whether you have limited cloning experience or simply want to save time, the GeneArt™ Gene Synthesis service helps you move your ideas from the planning stage to the laboratory more quickly. Benefit from our experience in successfully producing over 180,000 constructs for customers as diverse as large pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology start-ups, and basic research institutions. The comparison shown below highlights the time and effort saved compared to traditional cloning. Submitted DNA sequences are designed by our team of highly skilled scientists to include/exclude restriction enzyme sites and translation elements as requested, and are optionally optimized using our GeneOptimizer software for maximum protein production. Oligonucleotides synthesized in-house, with maximum sequence accuracy, serve as the building blocks for custom gene synthesis. Genes are assembled using our GeneAssembler process, which facilitates high-throughput gene assembly on an industrial scale for rapid order fulfilment. Using our GeneObserver online tracking system, you can access detailed information 24 hours a day about your order as it progresses through our synthesis process. Constructs are cloned into one of our standard cloning vectors, or you can specify your own custom vector by adding a subcloning service (additional fees will apply) All constructs are sequence-verified, only those that match the requested sequence 100% are shipped. The DNA is delivered as 5 µg lyophilized plasmid DNA in microcentrifuge tube Quality is controlled using an ISO 9001:2008-certified process, which helps ensure reliability and reproducibility. A detailed synthesis report including plasmid map, sequence alignment, and restriction map is provided with each construct. The GeneOptimizer process has been shown to help deliver large increases in protein yield via a combination of factors that stabilize mRNA and maximize translation efficacy (see figure). Efficacy has been proven in a large comparative gene expression study (Multiparameter RNA and Codon Optimization: A Standardized Tool to Assess and Enhance Autologous Mammalian Gene Expression Fath et al., 2011 PLoS ONE). Comparative expression analysis of wild type vs. an optimized human gene. Western blot analysis using α-His antibody. Expression levels of 2 independent transfections per wild type and optimized construct are displayed, showing a 3-fold difference in expression in this particular analysis. Standardization is based on endogenous protein. Using an alternative production procedure with pre-prepared expression vectors, we can clone your GeneArt™ synthesized genes directly into selected expression plasmids, saving 4–5 business days compared to the standard workflow with cloning into pMx series vector first. Turnaround time for expression-ready genes starts at 11 business days (depending on the length of your gene). Adding the gene synthesis express upgrade cuts an additional 2 days, so it is possible to get a turnaround time of 9 business days for your cloned, expression-ready gene. Source.

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