This application generates a RPC sensor model from a list of Ground Control Points. At least 20 points are required for estimation wihtout elevation support, and 40 points for estimation with elevation support. Elevation support will be automatically deactivated if an insufficient amount of points is provided. The application can optionnaly output a file containing accuracy statistics for each point, and a vector file containing segments represening points residues. The map projection parameter allows defining a map projection in which the accuracy is evaluated. presents a summary of these parameters and the parameters keys to be used in command-line and programming languages. Application key is Input file containing tie points. Points are stored in following format: col row lon lat. Line beginning with # are ignored. Output file containing the following info: ref_lon ref_lat elevation predicted_lon predicted_lat x_error_ref(meters) y_error_ref(meters) global_error_ref(meters) x_error(meters) y_error(meters) overall_error(meters) The transverse mercator projections are defined by their zone number as well as the hemisphere. Activate this parameter if your image is in the northern hemisphere. : This code is a generic way of identifying map projections, and allows specifying a large amount of them. See to find which EPSG code is associated to your projection, This group of parameters allows managing elevation values. Supported formats are SRTM, DTED or any geotiff. DownloadSRTMTiles application could be a useful tool to list/download tiles related to a product. Use a geoid grid to get the height above the ellipsoid in case there is no DEM available, no coverage for some points or pixels with no_data in the DEM tiles. A version of the geoid can be found on the OTB website ( This parameter allows setting the default height above ellipsoid when there is no DEM available, no coverage for some points or pixels with no_data in the DEM tiles, and no geoid file has been set. This is also used by some application as an average elevation value. Source.

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