>, Please could you give me an advice how to convert vector maps from .ai (adobe illustrator, one of the last versions) to ArcGIS? You can purchase a program called Map Publisher from Avenza (http://www.avenza.com/mapublisher) which allows you to do GIS within Illustrator. This program converts between the two vector systems flawlessly and allows the graphic artist to bring GIS into the more powerful vector tools of the digital artist. I have not used a recent copy but the older versions worked fine. Some time ago they offered a version that would convert from Macromedia Freehand until Adobe bought that up and killed it (Freehand was better than illustrator from this user's point of view -Oh well!). Contact Avenza for prices etc. The other trick which might work depending on the map detail is to export your illustrator .ai file to an Autocad format (DWG file) since ArcGIS can bring those into GIS. However I found this to be a bit buggy and some line and other details may change a bit in the conversion. However you can try that and see what you get. Italian mechanics of yore used to have a statement about how to tune multiple Weber downdraft carbs on a Ferrari which applies. The phrase was 'suck it and see.' Have fun. Source.

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