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A geographic information system (GIS) ia a computer-based tool that stores geographically referenced, or geo-referenced, data (i.e., data identified according to their locations) and links it with non-geographic attributes (tabular data about the location) to allow for information processing. In addition to helping map your data, GIS software allows you to see, explore, and analyze data by location, revealing hidden patterns and trends that are not readily apparent from spreadsheets or statistical packages. The lower level of Shields Library has two GIS workstations that UC Davis students, faculty, researchers, and other staff may to use for a maximum of two hours per day. The workstation room is located near, but outside the Map Room and is open the same hours as the Library. The workstations have the full suite of ArcGIS 10 software including: Workstation use must comply with UC Davis Computer Use Policies and the Library Computer Use Policy as well as the following guidelines: GIS datasets available at Shields Library and the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library are either acquired through the federal and state depository liAside from the data held on site, data may be downloaded from the Internet. Many government sites offer free data and some commercial sites offer data for a minimal fee. Some good places to look for free or inexpensive data include:brary programs or purchased selectively. Most of them are for use with ArcView or ArcInfo. Data may be located by searching the Harvest Catalog. Source.

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