Geography and GeoInformation Science – Position for graduate student in GIS at USGS

Student contractor position will provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support and data collection/compilation activities for the Development of Assessment Techniques and Analysis Project (DATAP). The focus of DATAP is to update the application and development of USGS mineral resource and integrated multiresource assessment methodologies and capacity that are applicable at a variety of spatial and temporal scales, and national and international in scope. DATAP will focus on improving USGS mineral resource assessments and assessment expertise and capacity by: The student contractor will provide GIS expertise in support of the Projects’ database development, management, data analysis, and publication activities. The support activities include working with geologists and involved with data analysis. The student contractor will use advanced aspects of GIS and will be expected to assist in developing derivative GIS data layers from existing USGS and adjunct digital data for digital and more traditional publication formats. The student contractor will also develop information and digital graphics for release in print and web-publication formats. The student contractor will receive a broad range of experience in working with a diverse group of USGS scientists. By collaborating with senior scientists and other GIS specialists, the student contractor will refine and develop skills in digital datasets, GIS applications, and spatial data analysis. These skills are of increasing importance in GIS applications and the geosciences. 1) The student contractor must be enrolled in a degree program at the University, but does not have to be a US citizen. 2) The student contractor must have practical knowledge and skills with ArcGIS 10x, including map projections and reprojection of data, working with both vector and raster data, appropriate use of ArcGIS tools and toolbox, and data management. 3) The student contractor must also have working knowledge of the major spreadsheet and database programs (for example, Excel, Access.) The student contractor must have the ability to quickly learn and deal with new software. 4) The student contractor should be familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software to be used to generate report illustrations and graphics. 5) Experience with ArcGIS ModelBuilder and ArcGIS extensions Spatial Analyst and Geostatistical Analyst is desirable. Student will work at the USGS National Center in Reston, VA. Student will be paid by requisition contract at an hourly rate as listed in the OPM pricing table for student services. Full or Part-time during summers and school breaks, part-time during school year as negotiated, up to a maximum of 20 hours per week during the school year, 1 year duration. Start October 2015. Source.

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