works closely with geologists. The most common issues we address are converting maps into digital format and archiving/preservation of maps. -- Our experience and know-how, along with sophisticated software, allow us to provide you with unique solutions and lots of options regarding 'paper-to-digital' conversion. We commonly, convert oversized paper topographic maps and aerial photographs into a raster format (TIFF, JPG) that can be used as base maps for plotting GIS data. We also perform where scanned drawings become fully CAD oriented (editing not included), to CAD-perfect drawings (editing, layered, scaled and quality controlled). One common use of this technology is to convert paper contour maps into vectorized maps that represent the information in 3-D. We also have an 'in between' solution that may be of particular interest to your needs, we create hybrid solutions (raster and vector files layered together in a CAD format) that, not only can . These CAD files (.DWG, .DXF) can be imported into Geographic Information Systems programs (ArcGIS, GIS Design Server, Map 3D, plus other specialized programs). -- We recognize how precious maps can be, particularly the very early ones. For this reason, scanning and preserving them on to CDs become important. We meet this task by making sure the of the maps is kept. The data is stored in a .tif uncompressed file format (it has a long shelf life and there is no data loss), however, other formats are available. Also, the data is stored on 'write-once' CDs, thereby creating a 'master file.' Note: 1 CD can hold over 1,000 drawings. your paper drawings now can be safely stored (protected from fire or flood hazards) in a secure place, while a second set of CDs can be easily available as a working copy at your desk--or carry them in your brief case. These raster files can be viewed in most computer programs (i.e., 'Illustrator,' 'Corel Draw,' 'Acrobat Reader,' 'Adobe PhotoShop,' 'Imaging,' etc.). (PDF file format available.) var gaJsHost = (('https:' == document.location.protocol) ? 'https://ssl.' : 'http://www.'), document.write(unescape('%3Cscript src='' + gaJsHost + '' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E')), Source.

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